We are glad to see that you are interested in applying to be a Congressional Debate researcher! There are many benefits of becoming a Winning Words researcher such as:

(A) Flexibility to decide WHAT topics you would like to research, WHEN and WHERE you would like to work, and HOW MANY pieces of legislation you would like to research. We know you are busy, and your schedule may change from week to week. You will never be asked to commit in advance to a certain amount of work per week, per debate brief, or per tournament. You are free to change your workload for each tournament - we just ask that you complete all the research your claim for yourself.
(B) Opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics!
(C) Ability to have a positive impact on the debate community and help prepare debaters for their best performances!

However, being a Winning Words researcher is an important responsibility, and we are looking for serious candidates who are willing to do the following:

(A) Complete research by the required deadlines. Researchers are free to choose the amount of research they wish to complete for each brief, so we expect that they will not take on more than they can handle.
(B) Maintain all Winning Words quality and content standards.
(C) Abide by all guidelines written in the Winning Words Researcher Handbook. The Handbook will be provided to selected applicants, and they will be required to thoroughly review its contents before accepting or declining the position.

Selected candidates may be asked for a phone interview in addition to this application.

Please note: While we accept applications all year long, we typically interview and hire researchers in waves 1-2 months prior to our major briefs (or as needed based on our team needs).  If you do not hear from us immediately after you apply, it does not necessarily mean we have rejected your application.  We do this so that once researchers are hired and start on the team, they do not have to wait many months before they get to start researching! Please know we will review all applications closer to when our interview process starts.  We will reach out to you directly at that time if we think you could be a good fit! 

Thank you! We look forward to learning more about you!